Tim is a phenomenal broker! He is always available and is willing to set aside what he is doing so we as agents are able to do what we do best! I am very thankful for him and the value he brings to Berkshire Hathaway!

Karl Konradson

Tim is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging.  He has helped me be more organized, more professional and more productive. He is relatable and reliable. I’m very thankful for the skills and knowledge he brings and for helping me feel welcomed in the company.  He has helped create a family atmosphere at our office that I’m sure has re-energized many of the agents.  

Paul Sinkuc

It's been a year now since I've joined the BHHS Towne Realty company and Ghent office.  Tim showed me nothing but patience and professional encouragement from the day we first met until what would turn out to be over six meetings discussing my possible (and eventual) switch to join the very successful Norfolk team that he had already been working tirelessly to create.  Tim always makes himself available by all means of communication and is well above par in his response time.  He is continually encouraging with every new transaction and never fails to congratulate me after a successful closing.  He's a very approachable manager and I'm honored to work under his guidance and direction.

Kevin O'Dea

I try not to bring a problem to Tim without an opinion on how to resolve it. Tim is always willing to listen to the issue, my possible solution and either support the solution or come up with something I had not thought of. He does not make you feel stupid for asking.

Frank Brooks

One of the reasons that I love having Tim as my broker is because he is so knowledgeable about technical issues. He always seems to be able to provide advice and answer questions, and he is always willing to help. Tim is one of the most genuine and caring persons I have ever met. I am happy to be working in his office!

Terri Baker

Tim’s vast experience and deep knowledge of real estate is just part of what makes him such great broker. Tim is always available to answer questions, help solve problems, be a resource for more information and stays calm and patient throughout the process.  Tim encourages all of the agents in our office and throughout our company to do and be the best we can be, and he helps create an environment for us to do that and continue to grow. I am very happy with my decision to join BHHS Towne Realty and the Norfolk office and having Tim as the broker was a big factor in that decision.

Ashley Swindell

I have been a realtor for long enough to recognize the importance of great encouragement and leadership. After years at a smaller company with more basic tools, I was excited to become a part of the BHHS family. But change can be tough no matter how desirable. From day one Tim has had my back. He has been strong and quite effective at helping me grow my business in ways that are comfortable and productive for me. I am certain that my upward trajectory will continue with his continued influence!  

Lin Miller

Testimonial on Behalf of Tim Vohar - Manager of BHHS Towne Realty Norfolk Office: It has been our pleasure to have Tim Vohar as our Sales Manager for the past 3 years.

Here are some of his fine attributes:
1. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
2. Instructs real estate courses for CE & PL in our office. Very knowledgeable on the subject matter.
3. Keep agents informed on company policies, MLS info., and what we need to know.
4. Hold frequent office social events and meetings to pass along info., introduce new agents, and keep us informed.
5. Does a great hamburger/hot dog cookout at the office! All you can eat!
6. Easy to reach if you have a technical or contract question!
7. Ensures the office staff takes care of the agents!
8. Was very instrumental in the company’s renovation of the new spaces on 21st Street.
9. If you need something or need help, just let Tim know and he will do his best to assist you or find out who can!

It has been our pleasure to work in the BHHS Norfolk Office under Tim Vohar!
He is a class act!
Very sincerely,

Caroline and Mike McCartney, Realtors

Young brash in full vision for the future Tim steps out and leads from the front. Allows people 2 Elevate themselves to their level then he shows them how to rise even higher. Where I had my doubts and questions and I know this is a testimonial I now have respect and compassion for what he is going through opening a new office campus in Norfolk.

Tony London

I would like to recognize Tim for being very knowledgeable of Real Estate, the market, and techniques needed to acquire and close deals. Have always received on-time and good advice when needed from Tim.

Amelia Coppage